Fresh Baked, Local Sweets


The different traditions in cultures are part of the richness of nations. Mexico, like many others countries has many celebrations. Among the numerous Mexican celebrations are the Day of the Dead and the Day of the Three Wise Men.

The stories behind the treats

  • Bread of the Dead

Many cultures celebrate Day of the Dead. In Mexico, November 2nd is the traditional day for Day of the Dead. On that day people remember and rejoice with the memories of their loved ones who have died. Among other traditions for this day is the sweet Bread of the Dead. This traditional bread got its name from its shape that resembles a dead person and/or some bones from a skeleton.

  • King Cake

Many Mexican families have made it a tradition to gather and eat this delicious bread during January 5th or 6th which it is the Christian celebration of the Three Wise Men. It is the custom little dolls are contained inside this oval-shaped bread.It is a part of the custom that if a person finds a little doll when cutting a piece of bread or when eating it, this person will organize a future gathering and invite family and friends.